FOG Reflections

Public Speaking and Personality Presentation Tournament

FOG Reflections - Registration Form

Saturday, August 5 (1 – 5 pm), Fremont

(6-17 years Old)

Participant Name

Parent/Guardian Details

Rules for Public Speaking Tournament

Speech Topic:

Any Historical leader – Tell us how they made the difference in the world (Additional points if you dress up as that leader)

  1. Participants will be divided into groups based on their ages 6-8 years, 9-11 years and 12 -14 years.
  2. In Round 1, participants will give their prepared speeches in front of their respective groups & the judges.
  3. Speech cannot be more than 3 minutes long.
  4. Selected students from Round 1 will proceed to Round 2.
  5. Students will present their same speeches again in Round 2.
  6. Winners of Round 2 then move on to the final round
  7. Finalists will present their speeches at FOG Independence Day Mela Sunday, August 14th on stage in front of the celebrities.

All finalists will receive trophies.